The Airsoft Magazine

The Airsoft Magazine  is a very important part of your airsoft gun. The right mag can make reloading much faster and easier, while the wrong one can ruin your game.

Magazine compatibility is generally determined by both the manufacturer and platform of the gun. However, it is not uncommon for companies specializing in airsoft accessories to offer magazines with cross-platform compatibility.

High Capacity Magazines

With a burgeoning market and lucrative military contracts, gun accessories companies have developed a new generation of magazines that are compact, lightweight, and strong. They can hold upwards of 40 rounds or more, allowing shooters to fire many more shots before needing to reload. Many of these new magazines are designed to accept different calibers of ammunition, so their capacity can vary depending on the cartridge used.

These new magazines have gained a cult following among gun enthusiasts seeking the latest in weaponry and technology. But they have also become popular with would-be mass shooters who can easily acquire them without a background check or a permit.

A recent decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals has reinstated California’s ban on high-capacity magazines, which are defined as ammunition-feeding devices designed for lethality by enabling a shooter to fire more rounds before reloading. The decision has national implications because states with magazine restrictions experience mass shootings at less than half the rate of those with no such restrictions.

Mid Cap Magazines

Known as mid cap magazines, these are the magazines of choice for airsoft players who want a combination of realism and sound. They are not as large as the High Cap magazine but still hold a decent amount of rounds before needing to be reloaded. Mid Cap magazines are spring action and like Low Caps don’t make the annoying rattling sound that can give your position away in stealth situations. These magazines do require a special loading tool called a speed loader to fill but it is worth the investment for most airsoft players as they can be used for many games before needing reloading.

Unlike High Caps that have to be constantly wound, Mid Cap Magazines are self-feeding as they use a spring to compress the BB’s inside. Once the BB’s are empty the magazine spring decompresses pushing the next BB upwards. Most are designed to look like the weapon they are made for and some even come with a realistic looking magazine cover.

Adjustable Capacity Magazines

In some cases, magazines may not fit all guns because of their varying dimensions and internal mechanisms. They can also be affected by the friction between rounds in the magazine and moving components inside the gun, making them less effective.

In fact, there is little evidence that magazine capacity has a linear relationship with a weapon’s practical rate of fire. In addition, truly high-capacity magazines—such as drums that hold 100 or more rounds—are more likely to experience feed malfunctions and actually decrease a firearm’s rate of fire.

Rather than increase the effectiveness of weapons, bans on large-capacity magazines simply make them useless as tools of self-defense. These laws, like the “assault weapons” bans they tend to come packaged with, are arbitrary and ineffective, violating law-abiding citizens’ right to own and use firearms for self-defense. Furthermore, they are impossible to enforce without punishing millions of people and disrupting their families for nothing more than peaceful conduct.


Airsoft Magazine allow players to enjoy the action of airsoft games without worrying about running out of ammunition. They also help to create a realistic experience that is suitable for beginners and veterans alike.

The main type of magazine used with airsoft guns are high capacity magazines. These hold a large amount of BBs and operate with a winding wheel on the bottom of the magazine that uses a clockwork style spring to feed BBs from a reservoir inside the magazine into the gun’s chamber.

Mid cap magazines use a different method of operation and are less complex than their high-cap counterparts. They use a constant spring pressure to keep the BBs in place until they are ejected from the magwell by the trigger of the gun. These types of magazines are often used with auto-electric gun models that have a standard size and shape, such as the M4 carbine or AK47 designated marksman rifle (DMR). They can also be used in other compatible airsoft gun platforms.

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